Featured here is the birth announcement card designed for Jakob Arvo, complete with stickers and baby bib designs in collaboration with Lien D'Haeseleer.
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Kayo is snel, communicatief, luistert naar onze ideeën en doet er haar unieke ding mee. Verliefd op het resultaat!
Anticipating your own bundle of joy?

I prioritize completing these projects a month prior to your due date. This timeline allows ample time for applying stickers, deciding on a placard, and other finishing touches.
Here is how I work 
1. Following our conversation and understanding your vision, I create initial sketches. These sketches are available in a shared folder for your review, we can discuss them together either in person or through a video conference.
2. Upon sketch approval, I proceed to develop the illustration in grayscale. Coloring is done on a separate layer for flexibility.
3. I design the back with provided information, curate samples, aid in paper and envelope selection, and create stickers and placards. On the delivery date, I finalize the document with accurate details and forward it to the print company. Files remain accessible online for several months, allowing parents to access a PDF for sharing (to colleagues for example), if needed.
Mijn eerste idee voor het geboortekaart van mijn zoontje was helemaal anders. Samen met Kayo zijn we op een super leuke idee gekomen en was het volledig wat ik wou maar nog niet wist. Zij kon mijn stijl volledig begrijpen en super mooi kunnen uitwerken!
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