Droz, Romanica Gandensia

For this collection about nature in French Literature, I maintain a consistent style for visual coherence. I highlight nature's essence and translate the author's perspective. For more collection details, click here.
Phd covers
Let's delve into the fruits of your years of labor. After listening to your work and message I give you a visual interpretation. Every image can be associated with an idea or concept, even subconsciously, so I want to make sure that the visuals I create truly match your vision. Want to have a chat?
Artistic projects
Featured here are book covers and accompanying cards I crafted for Katrien Vervaeke. She embarked on a year-long journey of daily short stories, resulting in a captivating book. I was privileged to illustrate some of these tales. Together, we opted for a translucent sleeve to showcase the underlying illustration. Next, the book cover for Peter De Rick's "Wrakhout," published by Beefcake. A tale of a young man's quest for adventure, the cover resonates with the title and storyline. Lastly, a personal project inspired by one of my favorite authors from my studies in French and Italian literature. Experience the visual rendition of the Toraja country's tree story.
Kayo Quintens hielp mij destijds met het illustreren van mijn gedachten over hoe het was, woorden over hoe het is en dromen over hoe het zou moeten zijn . Nog steeds een van mijn favoriete tekeningen. Een absolute aanrader, die Kayo!
Looking for an illustration to bring your book to life?
Whether you aim to captivate readers through an enticing cover or enrich passages with complementary illustrations,
count on me, I'm here to help.
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